Individual competence, organisational capability

The capability of an organisation is the sum total of individual competence. For individuals, competence is the foundation for mastery, meaning, autonomy – and engagement.

“Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world”, said Archimedes. We believe competence development is the lever of organisations in the knowledge economy.

Meanwhile, two separate trends are creating a perfect storm within he science and practice of talent management.


Organisations are finding that performance management does not work – because performance can only be developed. And performance development is, simply, competence development.

At the same time organisations are discovering 70:20:10 – that learning happens all the time, not just in the classroom, and is something that can be managed – through competence profiles, plans and planning.

Dossier Solutions is the people platform for organisations who understand and appreciate these realities. Together with our customers, we are able to continually increase individual competence, and through individual competence – organisational capability.

Start with competence

When you start with competence, talent management makes more sense.

It’s means shifting the premise of your people management from being about engagement (the will to perform) to being about competence (the ability to perform).

Employee engagement is both premise of and the result of competence based people management. However, in the knowledge economy we can – and must – assume that employees want to perform.

Given this assumtion the only variable left to manage is the ability to perform – competence.

Taking competence as a starting point, strategy, leadership and management all make more sense. It is all about building capability through competence.


We start with competence

In Dossier Solutions, we take competence as the starting point for people management. You will see this reflected in everything we do.

We care about the science and practice of HR.  We engage in R&D projects with our customers, continuously developing our software to meet the requirements of the most demanding customers in the market.

This research is the very reason why we take the position we do.


300 customers, 300 000 users

We  work with customers in highly regulated, high consequence industries, because these are the organisations where leaders care as much about performance as us.

Partnering with leading technology vendors and solution providers we offer our 300 customers and 300 000 users a seamless and complete platform for talent management in 10 countries.

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