Analysis and reporting

Dossier offers insight into all competence development.

  • Analysis and reporting on all learning – including social and practice based/experiential learning (70:20:10)
  • Drill down reporting across organizational levels and units, competence plans and learners.
  • Real time gap analysis

The end result is uniquely powerful capability and compliance management reporting.


Dossier is uniquely equipped for learning compliance reporting. The solution is regulatory compliant and audit ready with mobile digital signatures, advanced document control and audit trails.

Relevant compliance frameworks include:


  • GMP
  • ISO
  • FDA


Dossier features a unique reporting feature enabling a 20/20 view of solution deployment.

It is possible to see, for example, progress and status on learning compliance based on competence plans that have been distributed throughout the organisation, pinpointing exactly where extra effort is needed, and where capability is 100%.