Competence requirements directory

Competence requirements make up the DNA of Learning and Development. It’s the fundamental building block of strategic HR and quality management.

We take competence management seriously, as do our customers – organisations in industries where capability really matters and mistakes are not an option.

The competence requirements library is the  heart of Dossier. It is what makes strategic competence modelling, competence development, competence assurance and competence management possible.

It uniquely enables organisations to effectively manage competences:

  • 70:20:10 (Formal, Social and Experiential learning)
  • Locally as well as globally
  • Leveraging any content source or learning media
  • Meeting internal and external compliance requirements (i.e FDA, GMP, ISO)
  • Offering access to all L&D data in one place
  • To meet business needs

Dossier’s competence requirements libraries is the key to Learning and Development that just works.

Key features:

  • Requirements database
  • Global/local requirements
  • Embedded checklists


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