Course management (LMS)

An LMS is a course management system, commonly referred to as Learning Management System (LMS), which is used to create, assign and track coursework.  Dossier provides Totara LMS, the world’s leading open source Enterprise LMS, as a built-in or freestanding course management solution.

Key features

  • Learner focused course catalogues and learning portal
  • Create, assign, track and manage courses using Totara LMS
  • User-friendly interfaces for any device
  • Engaging learning e.g. e-learning, classroom, self paced, flipped and gamified

Totara LMS in Dossier’s Learning Environment

Dossier acts as a hub for any or multiple open learning systems. Totara LMS is uniquely capable of bringing Dossier’s Learning Environment to life through its broad functionality and its many ways of creating, assigning, delivering and tracking learning activities.

Our customers experience

  • Reduced training costs,  accelerated and scale-able delivery
  • Ability to develop, engage and connect with employees
  • Improved quality and performance

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