The hub for all learning - a complete learning environment

Manage organisational capability, not individual learning

Learning does not equal competence at the point of work. By managing competence requirements, Dossier connects learning to organisational objectives.

Leverage 70:20:10 learning

By taking competence requirements as the starting point for competence development, Dossier supports learning across the 70:20:10 spectrum.

Use any course or content platform

Dossier acts as a unified learning platform where learners can access content through:
• One or multiple LMS systems
• Off the shelf elearning course vendors
• MOOCs, e.g Skillshare or edX
• Content platforms - e.g. Vimeo or DropBox.

Manage competences locally as well as globally

Managers and subject matter experts cannot easily create elearning courses. They can, however, easily create and manage competence plans. This means more relevant, timely and cost effective competence development.

Ensure organisation-wide 

Monitor and manage enterprise-wide compliance in real time and produce reports to demonstrate compliance to satisfy any internal and external audit (e.g. ISO/FDA/GMP) when necessary. Dossier’s customers are always audit ready.

Access and utilise all L&D data

Dossier’s analysis and reporting capabilities go far beyond what LMS, LCMS or LRS systems can offer.
• Leverage data on future learning, not historical activities
• Monitor and manage organisational capability in real time
• Offer rich data to through APIs

An enterprise learning environment encompassing
competence assurance, learning and development.

Taking competence requirements as our starting point, we offer a complete platform for competence assurance, learning and development for organisations where capability really matters.

Key features are:

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